About Us - Bizzy Fit Familia

Chef Gloria Ramirez

Hello I'm your Chef, Gloria Ramirez, for over 20 years I have created amazingly fresh meals for weddings an corporate events through a company you may be more familiar with "Catering For All Occasions.'' I am a proud mother and grandmother of competitive Athletes and coaches who love to eat. I am excited to introduce our newest addition to my business  "Fit Meals For The Bizzy."

The Inspiration and Creation

The inspiration for this journey came from wanting to be part of my Children Body Building New life style. I created a lean and fit competition meals utilizing herbs and spices to induce flavor. While reducing sodium and sugars which are unhealthy carbohydrates. In doing  this, a fire was lit inside all of us to share all these modified family recipes with everyone. 

 I joined in on the meal prep after seeing my Children success. Then I added a little cardio work out a few days a week, for only 15-20 minutes at a time and I've lost 25lbs in a little under a year! Best part about all this is that I lowered my cholesterol, gained tremendous amounts of energy  and as a plus I was able to fit into clothes I never thought possible.  I realize now that it is possible  for the busy hardworking person to follow a meal plan and see results similar to those of my children and myself.




Business Manager Susana Torres

Hello, I'm Susana Torres. I'm a Wife and a Mother of Two, I'm also a Body Builder. I know how hectic life can be trying to manage it all, so I want to share my success through our Bizzy Fit Meals with you! My mission is to provide you the same Fresh Flavorful meals I provide my Family and use to fuel my body for your Health and Fitness Goals.


Nutrition / Fitness Coach Valerie Evans

Hello, I want to personally welcome you to our Bizzy Fit Nutrition Experience! I bring over 20 Years of Fitness Experience! I'm here as your personal Nutrition Coach  to Enhance your Fit Journey. I can customize your meal plan, include accountability with weekly check ins, review and feedback. If your tired of starting over and ready to enjoy permanent changes don't forget to ask about our Enhanced Bizzy Fit  Nutrition PROGRAM!