Common Questions/How It Works!


*When do I order?

Order dead line is Fridays by midnight, for Pick up Sunday or Monday

Please see our Pick up location page for options


Options Available

Individual Meal: 4oz portion comes with 1/2 Cup carbs, 1 Cup carbs

our 6  portions come with 1 cup carbs 1 cup veggies

We offer purchase by the lb cooked or by the cup in our Bulk Collection where you can customize your portions and save money by packing the meal your self

We offer Meal Sets  of 10 in Our Special's page


*MEALS NOT PICKED UP AT YOUR SELECTED PICK UP LOCATION  WILL BE DISPOSED AND NOT REFUNDED (Only exception is a Sunday scheduled pick up can be transferred to a Monday pick up if you notify us by Sunday)

*How long will my meals Last?

Our meals do not have preservatives they are made with the upmost freshness and require cool ventilation immediately upon arrival. 

You may freeze if desired (please note spinach does not freeze well)

Meals have an expiration of 5 days. Fish meals should be consumed within 3 days of purchase.


*How Many Meals should I order?


If you are looking for lunch for 5 days you can order 5 meals.

if your looking for Lunch and Dinner for 5 days, you would order 10 Meals. 

If you need assistance ordering Bulk contact our business line (408) 966-9256.



PLEASE note if you have allergies or questions in regards to allergies please call or text to make sure we take every precaution and can accommodate your needs BEFORE you place your order!  

1Peter 5:10

He will make you FIRM He will make you STRONG