Nutritional Information



Proteins, Sauces, Carbs, Veggies

Grilled Tilapia

4oz= 100 Calories,  20g of Protein, 2.5g of Fat, 1g of Sat. Fat

6oz= 150 Calories, 30g of Protein, 3.8g of Fat, 1.5g Sat. Fat

Lean Beef Mushroom Patty (Portions Weighed Cooked 90/10)

 4oz = 246 Calories, 31g of Protein, .4g Carbs, 12g Fat. 5.2g Sat. Fat

6oz = 371 Calories, 46.7g of Protein, .7g Carbs, 18g of Fat, 7.8g of Sat. Fat

Baked Salmon

4oz = 169 Calories, 29g of Protein, 4g of Fat, 1g of Sat Fat

6oz= 253 Calories, 44g of Protein, 7g Of Fat, 1g of Sat. Fat  

Grilled Chicken

 (Grilled Lime, Southwest, Orange , Rosemary)

4oz= 187 Calories, 35.2g Of Protein,4.1g Of Fat, 1.1g Sat. Fat

6oz= 281 Calories, 52.7g of Protein,6.2g of Fat. 1.7g of Sat. Fat

Tri Tip 

4oz= 189 Calories, 23.61g of Protein, .5g of Carbs, 9.7g Fat, 3.5g Sat. Fat

6oz=278 Calories, 35.31g of Protein, .5g Carbs, 14.54g of Fat, 5.28G Sat. Fat.

Lean Turkey Meat Balls (Portions weighed cooked)

 4oz= 162.14 Calories, 20.07g of Protein, .46g Carbs, 8g of Fat, 4g Of Sat. Fat 

6oz= 270.21g Calories, 30g Of Protein, .69g of Carbs, 12g of Fat, 6g of Sat. Fat.

Top Sirloin (Portions Weighed Cooked)

4oz=195 Calories, 32.9g of Protein, 0 Carbs,5.9g Of Fat, 0g of Sat. Fat

6oz= 293 Calories, 49.3g of Protein,0g Carbs, 8.8g of Fat, 0g of Sat. Fat

Shrimp (Portions weighed cooked)

4oz= 112 Calories, 24g Of Protein, 0 carbs, .8g of Fat, .1g of Sat. Fat

Vegan Black Bean Pasta

2oz= 215 Calories, 25g of Protein, 23g of Carbs, 2g of Fat, 0g of Sat. Fat,

Rosemary Turkey Breast

4oz= 113 Calories, 3g of Fat, 1g of Sat Fat, 2g of Carbs, 19g of Protein 

Mama's Sauces & Topping's

Pineapple Salsa (2oz)

28 Calories, .3g of Protein, 5.5g Sugars, 7.6g of Carbs

Red Salsa (1oz)

11 Calories, 2.3g Carbs,1.7g of sugars,   

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (1oz)

39 Calories, 9g of Cabs, 6.5g of Sugars

Bruschetta (2oz)

20 Calories, .5g Protein, 2.2g of Carbs, 1.12g of Fat, .5g Of Fat, 

Vegan cheese 1(oz)

45 Calories, .5g of Protein, 3.5g of Carbs,3g of Fat, 1g of Sat. Fat

Cabbage Mix 2 (oz)

10 Calories, .6g Protein,3.4g of Carbs, 0 Fat

Green Salsa 1 (oz) 

10 Calories, 0 Protein, 2g of Carbs,

Chimichurri Sauce .5 (oz)

28 Calories, 0g Of Protein, .5g of Carbs, 3g of Fat, 0g of Sat. Fat

(Sauce over Salmon .5oz+.5oz Container Provided in meal=  1oz if you pour extra sauce)

Poblano Cream Sauce 1oz

Calories 21, Protein .33g,  Fat 1.2 Carbs 1.7g

Teriyaki Sauce 1oz (I contain Sugar)

79 Cal.12.6g of Carbs, 0g of Sat Fat. 1.6g of Protein

Hickory Or Maple Sugar Sugar FREE BBQ Sauce 1oz

10 Calories, 1.9g of Carbs, 0g Of Fat, 0G of Sat. Fat

Turkey Bacon Slice (Turkey Bacon Burger)

35 Calories, 0 Carbs, 2.5g of Fat, 1g of Sat Fat Protein 2g

Cranberry Sauce .5oz  (Rosemary Turkey)

28 Calories, 7g of Carbs, 0g Of Fat

Habanero Cheese 1/2 lice

40 Calories, 0 Carbs, Fat 3.5g Protein 2.5

Ranch Dressing 2oz

200 Calories, Fat 22g, Carbs 2g, Protein 2g 






Sweet Potatoes  1 Cup = 249 Calories, .46g Fat, 58.12g Carbs, 4.49 Protein

White Rice/Green Cilantro  1 Cup = 204  Calories, .44g Fat, 44.08g of Carbs, 4.2g Of Protein

Redskin potatoes 1 Cup= 202 Calories, .3g of Fat, 44.4g Carbs, 5.2 g of Protein

Brown Rice 1 Cup = 216 Calories, 1.76g of Fat, 44.77g of Carbs, 5.03g of Protein

Wheat Pasta 1 Cup = 174 Calories, .76g of Fat, 37.16g Of Carbs, 7.96g of Protein

Mashed Potatoes 1 Cup = 202 Calories 4g of Total Fat, 2g of Sat Fat, Total Carbs 38g, 5g of Protein,



Spinach 1 Cup (Served Raw) = 41 Calories, 6.9g of Carbs, 5.3g Of Protein

Green Beans 1 Cup = 44 Calories, 9.9g of Carbs, 2.4g of Protein

 Broccoli 1 Cup = 30 Calories, 9.9 of Carbs, 2g of Protein

Mixed Veggies  1 Cup = 50 Calories,10g Of Carbs, 2g of Protein

*Macros on Mixed Veggies are Estimate's as the Veggies vary by season and qty. of each per cup